SmugMug + Flickr

So SmugMug bought Flickr. After reading about the news, I went to my unused Flickr account and deleted it along with the Yahoo account that I was forced to create to continue to use Flickr after Yahoo bought them many years ago.

I briefly considered trying SmugMug and actually signed up for a trial account, but it’s not what I’m looking for in a photos service.

I’m looking for something to safely backup my photos and sync them between my devices without me needing to think about it. I also want some very basic sharing between family members and an easy way to share out to email or a text. That’s it.

iCloud Photos does a nice job for me and meets those minimal needs pretty well. I’d love a more sophisticated family sharing feature, but maybe that will come in iOS12 this fall. Shared albums or Airdrop work well enough for now.

For sharing with friends and family, there are a few options that aren’t appealing to me anymore. Facebook is definitely out. Instagram is also not great, partly because it’s really just Facebook, and also because they don’t really have album support.

So that brought me back to my own website. WordPress has good photo management and gallery features and I can easily text or email friends to go look there if they are interested in seeing some vacation photos.