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Taper Time

Two weeks to go and that means one thing in marathon training – it’s taper time.

This is when you officially say, “I’m done training,” and switch your focus to resting and getting ready for race day. That doesn’t mean no running, but it does mean far less mileage for the next couple of weeks.

I ran 23km today at a bit slower than race pace. This week I’ll do the usual 6/10/8km weeknight routine. On Saturday I’ll run 16km at race pace and then it’s really time to rest up with just 6km on Sunday, 6km again on Tuesday and a final 10km race pace run on Wednesday.

I generally take Thursday off on race week and then pick things up with a very easy 3km the morning before the race.

Some runners talk about the taper crazies, but that’s the least of my worries. After 17 weeks of hard training with no breaks, I’m ready to ease back a bit and enjoy a couple of weeks of easier runs.

My focus is to not do anything dumb over the next 13 days. I’ve got a big run left to do, and I need to be healthy, rested and injury free. That means no stupid speed runs, or silly things like stubbed toes. I’ve been there and done that before; I’ll be taking it easy on stairs and not pushing things out on the run either.

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