in Training and Runs

One Week To Go

Seven days until the BMO Vancouver Marathon. It will be my 12th full marathon and my fifth time running 42.2km in Vancouver.

Training is all but done and things went really well this year. It’s the last day of April tomorrow and with a rest day scheduled, I can call it a month at 242km. That comes on the heels of a 225km March and makes four straight months over 200km. I’m at 880km for the year and I’ll be heading into the race at just about 900km.

Injury Free, Good Long Runs

I made it through the winter and spring mostly free of injury. I had the usual minor foot soreness that I’ve dealt with in the past. Some rolling and stretching kept things in check and it never really caused me any issues.

Life didn’t get in the way either. Our March Break trip to Florida brought a few challenges in terms of getting the runs in, but aside from a pair of weekday runs, I managed to stay on track. That included running 29km solo in Naples in the heat.

The long runs went really, really well too. I didn’t have any tough runs outside of the Florida run where the warm temps really took a tool. I had a couple of good 29km runs and a really solid 32km.

The last 32km ended up being 30km and indoors on the treadmill thanks to some awful weather on that Sunday morning.

What Spring?

The weather this winter was not terrible. But spring was basically non-existent. We had a couple of cold runs, one slushy and windy run and then a whole bunch of generally cold runs. I think I only ran long in shorts twice?

Even the weeknights were tough with cold weather making for more treadmill running than usual, especially in April when normally I’d be able to switch to some outdoor running at least a few days a week.

18 Good Weeks

All in all it was a good four months of training and I’m proud to have really stuck with the program from start to finish. As mentioned, I missed just two runs since I started the program back on January 1. I only shortened up two runs as well. One was an 8km that turned into 5km thanks to some stomach issues. The other was the 30km treadmill run that was supposed to be 32km outdoors.