One of the things I love about listening to developer-focused podcasts like Core Intuition and Under the Radar is that as I hear the devs working through issues and discussing things, I have my product manager hat on and I’m thinking through the reasons why maybe Apple did the APIs that way, or armchair quarterbacking the decisions the dev hosts made in building their products.

The latest Core Int was awesome for that. I ended up thinking through the Photos app drag and drop issue from Apple’s perspective where the full resolution photo might not be there at the time of the drag. I can picture the meetings where they had to work through the various workarounds and compromises that came with their iCloud Photo sync system.

Solving complex problems like that and trying find the best mix of compromises (there are always compromises) is what I love the most about being a product manager. I’m also fortunate to have a couple of very smart developers and an excellent UX/UI designer to collaborate with daily.

Honest question. Why are we naming subtropical storms all of a sudden?

Crazy start to the weekend on Friday evening thanks to some work stuff. Then a nice, productive Saturday. Went for a very enjoyable 15km run this morning in the heat. Watched a several hundred miles of cars racing (still going). It’s back to the craziness tomorrow morning I think. At least we’re just watching it unfold, for the most part.

Surfing around the web while connected through a VPN server in Germany is pretty amazing today. Some sites are literally just not accessible to anyone in the EU (like the LA Times). Others have the most impressively invasive cookie warnings.

This is fun. Go to then click “Manage Options”. Then Manage again on the next page. Then click show. I think Yahoo has enabled every user tracking system known to mankind.

That feeling when you finally get to blast the Facebook Pixel out of Tag Manager once and for all. Joins Twitter, Quora and a few other nasty tracker tags in the garbage pile of ad networks we no longer use.

Another photo from earlier today at Rouge Park. Amazing that this is within the City of Toronto.