Heading north today for almost a week in Collingwood. Hoping for sunny skies and warm temperatures. Light winds for paddle boarding would be nice too.

A few more pics from the weekend in Niagara Falls.

Fireworks at 10pm with the American Falls lit up teal for Fragile X awareness.

Horseshoe Falls also got the teal treatment for Fragile X awareness.

Me and my lady sporting our Fragile X Research shirts.

One last shot from our 49th floor room at the Hilton. Higher than the Skylon Tower!

More mist, but some blue skies on Monday.

Back in the office today after a short, one-night getaway to Niagara Falls that seemed much longer than that somehow. It was good to escape for a bit and also good to be back. It’s a four-day work week followed by a full week off that when you add in the Civic Holiday Monday actually means ten full days away from work.

On a bit of a getaway weekend in Niagara Falls. Got a room on the 49th floor of the hotel and enjoying the views and some time with Ginny.

49th floor views are pretty epic.

The Canadian Horseshoe Falls…always amazing to behold.

Cosmopolitain for me, Dirty Martini for her. Great views from the 34 floor lounge.

Counting down the days to the weekend. Mac is off to my parents’ place for a couple of nights and Lindsey is heading to camp. A night in Niagara Falls awaits for me and Ginny before we head back to work for four days leading into a week off!

There are worse ways to spend an hour or so. Got out on out SUP boards too.

Picked up a Starbucks With Ginny and walked down to the beach to enjoy the views and some chit-chat.