Off to Cleveland tomorrow for Industry Conference. Looking forward to a few days of learning and socializing with a few thousand product managers.

They can’t be trusted. DELETE your Facebook. And yell at your friends who upload YOUR contact data to services like Facebook and LinkedIn that then use it to build out a profile on you whether you use their service or not.

Why is podcasting failing? It’s not. Podcast networks are failing because you can’t monetize the network!

Firefox Multi-Account Containers is probably the greatest privacy-related extension out there right now. Combine this with Cookie AutoDelete and you can severely limit cross-site tracking by the likes of Google, Facebook, LinkedIn and even Amazon.

It basically allows you to completely segregate sites within their own containers. Stay logged into your Google G Suite account in a separate container from the rest of your browsing and Google can’t track you. Same for all the social nets.

Rather than attempting to do the impossible and remove Google from Chrome, do the possible and remove Chrome from your computer.

Dixon’s Silver Creek vodka is pretty damn smooth. Might replace the Grey Goose in our house.

At some point in the not-too-distant future, it’s going to be clear that the Internet, and specifically the ability to create and share information quickly and nearly effortlessly with almost anyone, anywhere at any time is something that humans can’t be trusted to use properly.

And then we got a new hot water tank installed. The old one was randomly failing to ignite which made for the odd unpleasant morning shower lately.

Forget all the hype about the 10th anniversary of Chrome. There’s no better time to switch to Firefox and kick Chrome and it’s user tracking to the curb once and for all. Your browser shouldn’t come from an advertising company.

More reasons to switch to Firefox: