Progress Continues

The step goal streak is now at 18 days with daily goals in the 15-16,000 step range now. Suffice to say, I’ve been doing a lot of extra walking lately.

May 1st was the start of something.

On the running side of things, I’ve been sticking to a solid five runs a week schedule since May 1 and it’s been paying off. I feel stronger and I’m running better. I’m also down about four pounds too.

On deck for tomorrow is an 18km long run to finish the week strong with 44km run. I used to really like to run around 42km for the week and I’ll be around that for the next little while as the weekday runs stay the same with 18km, and then a pair of 20km runs on deck in early June.

You might see a pattern here with training leading up to something…like maybe a half marathon sometime near the end of June. In fact, I have a race on my schedule on June 23 – the Scotiabank Vancouver Half Marathon. More about that later.

Five Runs, and a Steps Streak

After 14km today (bit of a step-back week), and another 5-run week, it’s safe to say that I’m in a bit of a groove here. It’s good to be back on the old and familiar schedule again.

I got out for runs on Tuesday (6km), Wednesday (6km) and Thursday (8km!) along with a Saturday morning run at Variety Village (6km). Today’s run was done solo and I ran some areas of the city I’ve never run before which made it a bit more interesting.

I’m also on a daily steps streak extending back to May 1. That’s the Garmin steps goal as well which is dynamic and has been gradually creeping up over the two weeks. It’s about 13,000 steps a day which is even a bit of a challenge on days I run 6km.

To get the steps in, I’ve been doing a lot of walking as part of my commute to and from work. I get off many stops early both ways and I’ve also added a lunchtime walk on non-run days to get the extra 5,000 steps in that I need those days.

Thinking About Vancouver

It’s May 5, 2019 and that’s also the day of the 2019 BMO Vancouver Marathon this year. I have quite a bit of jealousy thinking about those who were able to head out to run what is easily my favourite race in my favourite city. Having run Vancouver five times since 2011, it’s safe to say that a May marathon out west had sort of become an almost annual thing for me.

But not this year.

I’m taking a break from the marathon and so that meant no Vancouver race on the first Sunday in May in 2019. That said, I did get out for a run today and I tried to take care of a bit of that feeling of sadness about not being in Vancouver today by running through some of the Toronto areas that remind me of Vancouver.

Union Station and CityPlace

I took the GO Train down to Union Station with Lindsey this morning. She’s coincidentally entertaining a group of YMCA exchange students from North Vancouver this week (after her trip out there a few weeks ago) and they were headed to the Toronto Islands today. Heading out of Union Station, I ran down to the CN Tower and up behind the Rogers Centre before heading along the tracks through the backside of CityPlace.

This downtown neighbourhood is being built by Concord Pacific which also handled the construction and development of the former Expo 86 lands around False Creek in Vancouver.

I could see the participants in the Toronto Marathon (the poorly organized spring marathon in Toronto) across the tracks on Front St. and after a couple of turns, I was at Fort York and Bathurst St. for a few minutes to see the runners making the turn west.

Toronto’s Waterfront Trail

I continued south down to the lake and hopped on the Martin Goodman Trail (MGT) through the Central Waterfront area of Toronto. This area of Toronto reminds me of the Seawall in Vancouver which runs along the waterfront all the way around the city.

I hit the Harbourfront Park area behind the Harbourfront Centre. In Vancouver you have these neat views of the Harbour Air de Havilland DHC-6 Twin Otter and DHC-2 Beaver seaplanes coming into and out of the harbour. In Toronto, it’s Bombardier Q-400s from Porter Airlines taking off and landing at Billy Bishop airport.

The seaplane terminal in Coal Harbour, Vancouver

The area in behind Corus Quay in the new East Bayfront area of the city’s waterfront is the most “Vancouver-like” bit of Toronto to me so I made a point of running down along Sugar Beach and then along the water’s edge there.

Corus Quay and a little bit of “seawall” in Toronto

Once off the MGT, I made my way up the Don River on the PanAm Path for a bit. The Paddle the Don event was on and it was neat to see the canoes coming down the river to Corktown.

Back to Toronto

The remainder of the run was all Toronto. I took Queen St. across from Riverside, through Leslieville, and eventually to Kingston Road. The long hill up Kingston Road to Main St. was a chore, but also reminded me of Main St. in Vancouver (a bit of a stretch…I know).

Ten minutes two kilometres later and I was back home in the Upper Beach with 16km done to close out a 37.5km week.

Making Progress

It’s been a few days since the last post in which I pledged to get back into the habit of running regularly.

Since then, I’ve actually hit the treadmill a few times instead of running outside. The EBRC run on Monday ended up being 5km at Variety Village because the weather was looking crappy.

This morning I actually ran at 6:15 A.M. over at Variety Village with Ginny. It’s been forever since I got out before work for a run. This may become a thing.

I’ll run tomorrow night again and maybe Saturday instead of Sunday since there’s the Toronto Marathon happening and most of my running friends will be out running that or in Pittsburgh.