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May Running Update

There’s one day to go in May, but it’s a rest day for me, so today is the day I can look back and see how things went.

I ran a full schedule of five runs a week this month and it’s really paid off in terms of fitness. In fact, I ran 184km in May which is the most I’ve run in a month since last April.

My VO2Max as calculated by Garmin is up to 54ml/kg/min and Strava has my fitness level at 52. Not bad and a big improvement since the beginning of the month when those numbers were 50ml/kg/min and 39 respectively.

On the weight side of things, I started the month at 174lbs and this morning I was just under 169lbs. Some of that is due to the running totals but I’ve also hit my steps goal every day this month and changed a few things in my diet.