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2020 Ottawa Marathon Training Advice

No, I’m not going to run the Ottawa Marathon in 2020…the plan is still to run the Scotiabank Ottawa Half Marathon. But I do plan on pulling some of my older content forward from when I was on Team Awesome to help anyone who is training for the Ottawa Marathon.

I am actually planning to run the marathon training schedule for a bit, at least until the 29-32km long runs start. At that point, I’ll probably step back and max out with some runs in the 23-25km range. I’ll also throw in the usual caveat of any marathoner planning to run a half marathon – depending on how training goes…you never know.

Reviewing Some Older Posts

I was going back through my blog posts from my previous running blog that I took down a couple of years ago to send some of the content to a friend training for their first marathon. I got to thinking that others might get some value out of those posts, so I imported them all and recreated the blog here on my main website.

It’s not especially easy to follow along with the old posts, so instead I’ll pull the relevant posts forward, update them for 2020 and repost them for anyone who is interested. I’m even going to spark my old Twitter account back up.

Follow Along

If you are planning to run the Ottawa Marathon on May 24, 2020, then follow along here and on Twitter. I’ll have some advice and encouragement for you on your training journey to race day whether it’s your first 42.2km run or your next!

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