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Sunny Skies and Reminders of Why I Run

The sun made a rare appearance in Toronto today and I was able to get out for a late afternoon 10km run down along the lake. I worked from home as I do on most Wednesdays which allows me to get out for a run much sooner since I don’t have the commute home to deal with.

I haven’t run 10km on a weeknight in forever, but with a marathon training schedule in my calendar, the motivation to get out and just put in the extra miles is there again. It’s amazing what simply having a plan will do.

I started listening to Born to Run by Christopher McDougall on Audible. I’ve probably listened to that book a half dozen times now, but it’s always good to provide some inspiration and a reminder of why I run.

One of the best running books around.

Today was no different. By the end of the 10km, my spirits were lifted and I recalled how I have often turned to running when things in the rest of my life are causing stress. Getting out for an hour or so has a real tendency to clear the mind and make the path forward more apparent.

Last Week/This Week

I came up with a new idea to manage accountability around marathon training. I call it, “Last Week/This Week”. It’s basically a blog post or journal entry (or whatever you want to use) to think back and look at how you did last week, and then look forward and commit to this week.

I’ll do these Last Week/This Week posts on Sunday evenings at the end of my running week but for today, I’ll tack one on the end of this post to get it started.

Last week was decent. I got out for three runs instead of the planned five. But most importantly, I returned to my group run at the Running Room on Sunday and ran 14km which was a real encouraging event for me. I resurrected my blog and decided to run Ottawa in May.

This week I’ll run five times for 43km total. I’ll get out for at least 13km on Sunday and hopefully a few more than that. I’m also going to pay special attention to rolling and stretching and ensure that this rapid escalation in miles doesn’t cause me any injuries.

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