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Last Week/This Week

Week One: Last Week/This Week

I’m rolling into week two of training for Ottawa Race Weekend. You’ll note I haven’t officially settled on a race distance yet, but it’s almost 100% likely to be the half marathon. I’m keeping my options open a bit by running the marathon training schedule here for a while, but my plan remains to take a run at a fast half.

Last Week

Last week had five runs on the schedule for 43km. It was the usual 6/10/8 on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Then 6km on Saturday and 13km on Sunday.

I ran the weekday distances as planned, although the Thursday run was a bit of a struggle because I was stupid about dinner before. I should really have gone out in the morning or been far smarter at dinner time.

The 10km run on Wednesday was really nice as the sun was out and the temps were above seasonal in Toronto. I ran down along the lake and before dinner.

Sunday’s run ended up being 18.6km for a variety of reasons. It was also a snowy run which was not expected. I was happy with my run and the fact that I can still just put in an 18km effort without too much difficulty.

This Week

I’ve got the same schedule planned for this week meaning 43km total and a 13km Sunday run. I suspect that I’ll go a bit longer on Sunday, but I really should keep it under 15km.

The weather looks decent enough and I’ve got a work from home planned for Wednesday again so the 10km run should be doable before dinner again this week. Other than that, I don’t see any issues getting these runs in.

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