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Last Week/This Week

Week Two: Last Week/This Week

I’m a bit tardy with the latest instalment which features some good and not so good.

I ran five days last week, including almost 19km on Sunday with the TDRR gang. I considered backing the weekday runs (6km, 10km and 8km) down a bit, but each night I felt good during the run so I ended up doing the full distance.

That was the good.

This week has not been as good. I got out Tuesday morning for 6km on the treadmill, but since then I haven’t been out at all. The reason is a very tight and angry left calf. It’s probably strained due to a combination of ramping up my mileage too fast and also some snowy runs with uneven footing on both Thursday and Sunday.

I took Wednesday night off to rest and decided to do the same today (Thursday). Assuming the stretching and rolling goes well, I should be back for 6km on Saturday and about 15km on Sunday. Lesson learned (again).

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