Some Digital Housekeeping

I’m currently using a four-hour flight back to Toronto to get my Notion setup sorted out, and to do a bunch of thinking and writing about how I want to structure things going forward and to generally simplify and streamline my online world.

In short, it’ll be less Twitter, more Less running blog, more It’ll also be more private journalling (in Notion) and more note-taking and capturing of thoughts, ideas and plans privately, but online.

I’ve disconnected my Twitter from and taken it private (and kicked a bunch of followers I didn’t either know or interact with). I’ll continue to use it as an information source but not as a place to post or share. Quite honestly, I don’t see a long-term future for the service if the plan is to start charging companies and journalists/news outlets to use it.

Mastodon was a short-lived experiment that ended after about a week. The experience there is just a mess. Federation is not the solution. As I did in the past, I found Mastodon to be a whole bunch of people that I didn’t really want to interact with and who have different ideas and perspectives from mine. To each their own…no judgement…it’s just not a place for me.

I’ve also decided to fold my running blog for a few reasons. Mostly I’m done training for a race for a bit and I don’t have much to share. Those who want to follow me as a runner can do so via Strava instead. I’ll archive off those posts and put the content into Notion for posterity-sake.

Instagram will remain as I enjoy posting the odd photo there and also seeing the photos of my friends as they post theirs. I don’t follow brands or anything like that since in my mind Instagram is for personal photos not for advertising.

That leaves this which is really just a stand-in for a more formal personal blog. It’s a stress-free place to post short things or long things and to have a bit of a website too. If nobody reads it, that’s fine. If they do, that’s also fine.

James Koole @jameskoole