I had the desk, got the chair in the spring of 2020. Frosted the window and added the 27" 4K monitor in the summer of 2020. The personal MacBook came for Christmas in 2020.

Then a Synology came along last summer and I scrounged up the little Samsung monitor (with an Amazon FireTV stick) for YouTube slow tv background visuals and noise.

The storage units to the right are brand new this week and really helped declutter the space visually. Oh, and the LED light for some fake sunshine was an early 2020 purchase as well.

If you asked me in March, 2020, how long I thought it would be until we returned to the office at least part-time, I would have said by the fall. Here we are 27 months later and the answer to that question is now “never”.

James Koole @jameskoole