What Goes Where

I have a few places I post things online. I don’t tend to use POSSE as I think of my various online services as being channels for content that is organized by theme or audience. This is an attempt to document those channels.

I have two Twitter accounts. @jameskoole is my original account that goes back to 2007. It’s effectively “read-only” at this point and I only use it to follow a few friends. I don’t tweet on that account. The other is @TracksideTO which started out as my railfanning account but has become more of a general transport nerd place for me. I follow a bunch of people here and post occasionally about transit, trains, planes and anything else related to my interests in transportation.

I have two Instagram accounts as well. The first is @jameskooleTO which is my personal Instagram account. I don’t post much here unless I’m on vacation or doing something worth sharing. The other is @TracksideToronto which is where I post photos of trains and other things that are on rails. This used to be my personal Instagram but a year after I started posting mostly train-related photos, I renamed it to better reflect the content and to hang on to my followers.

Then there is my personal website and which is also my Micro.blog. I use this to post both short and longer posts. It’s what I would have put on Twitter in the past. Generally this is related to technology or more personal content.

I also have a YouTube channel for Trackside Toronto which is where I post videos of trains and other rail content. Lastly, I have a Flickr account that also features rail photography and serves as a place to put more photos and higher quality images than Instagram hosts.

James Koole @jameskoole