Day One in Canmore/Banff

It’s the first day of our mountain getaway to start 2023. We had a great and uneventful flight from Toronto to Calgary. The luggage made it and we got our rental car for the one hour drive to Canmore.

I woke up at a decent time and geared up for a pre-dawn run around the town to tick off a couple more streets I’ve never run.

Christmas lights along the sidewalk in Canmore.

A dark trail along Policeman’s Creek.

Spring Creek bridge at dawn.

After that, we did enjoyed Rocky Mountain Bagel Co. bagels for breakfast (the best), and then did some groceries. Then we grabbed some Eclipse Coffee flat whites and went into Banff for a bit.

We accidentally left Mac’s coat in the living room in Toronto so we needed to fix that problem first. The Bay came through with a big sale on winter jackets and we solved that before lunch without too much damage to the credit card.

Bow River Walk

Once we had the coat sorted, we decided to walk out along the Bow River to Bow Falls and then back to the town centre. It was a beautiful day with sunny skies and mild temperatures. What a difference from last year when it was absolutely frigid.

Bow River in Banff.

Cascade and the pedestrian bridge.

Rundle and Bow Falls.

Bow Falls.

We got back to the car after about 90 minutes and then made a quick lunch of croissants with turkey and cheese and some veggies and chips. Packed lunches in the car is a Banff tradition for us and we always remark that we’ve become our parents. The last two years here with COVID, eating out was difficult and grabbing stuff to make a lunch for the car was always a great option compared to getting some takeout at a fast food place.

Lake Minnewanka

We drove out to Lake Minnewanka and went for a walk out on the frozen lake. There was less skating this year, but way more of the lake was frozen over. Spectacular views as usual.

Lake Minnewanka.

Lake Minnewanka.

James Koole @jameskoole