Day Four in Canmore/Banff

More sunny skies and cold temperatures. But it gets milder later in the day and there’s no wind so it’s quite lovely. I started the day with a run again and toured the Policeman’s Creek trail.

The blue skies were incredible this morning. Really stunning.

Lake Louise

After that we drove up to Lake Louise, hoping the same sunny weather we had in Canmore would make for some glacier views. Sadly it was cloudy up there, although it’s always beautiful no matter the weather.

On the way back to Canmore, we took the scenic route which included a quick stop at Morant’s Curve. There was a train tied up in Lake Louise and another one at Castle Junction so perhaps there were issues on the mainline. Whatever the case, no trains to be seen at the Curve, but it’s still a great photo spot.

Another great day in the mountains. Tonight it’s going down to -17ºC so the run tomorrow morning should be the coldest of the week. With the cloud cover comes a change in temperatures and Friday is supposed to see a high of 0ºC.

James Koole @jameskoole