Day Three in Canmore/Banff

Started out with a run (as usual). Today was colder than yesterday but still decent since the sun was coming up and the winds were still light.

I ran down 3rd to the Bow River as far as the Engine Bridge, then along the Spur Line and up to the CP mainline.

I stopped for coffee again (after meeting up with Ginny at the lights on the way back…a nice coincidence).

Stoney Loop

After that, Lindsey and I headed out to do a hike up Stoney Lookout near Norquay. This was a nice forested trail up to the summit of Stoney with panoramic views across the valley and up towards Canmore.

It wasn’t the toughest hike ever, but a nice way to spend an hour and a half. Lindsey enjoyed it and so did I.

The way down was quite a bit steeper, ending in the parking lot at Norquay ski area.

Chill Afternoon

After that, we chilled for a bit and then drove out to Vermillion Lakes to see Mount Rundle at sunset. There was some wild ice there that was just thin enough to avoid walking on and we discovered a warm water spring feeding into the lake.

James Koole @jameskoole