Ignorance is Bliss

If something really upsets you and there’s nothing you can do to effect change, then ignore it. Seriously.

Refugees in Europe, gay marriage hating clerks in Kentucky, Donald Trump, Cecil the Lion. The list of things we’re supposed to get outraged about on social media is never-ending.

It’s making you sick

Here’s the thing. This stuff is making us sick. Sick with worry, sick with outrage, sick with concern.

But in most cases, there’s literally not a damn thing you can do about it.

The refugees will keep coming to Europe (and more will die trying), and it sucks and it’s terrible. That clerk in Kentucky will probably never get it and stupid politicians will raise her up like some sort of hero for Christians everywhere. Donald Trump might become President of the USA. And Cecil the Lion is dead and never coming back.

A simple choice

The choice you have is pretty simple. Continue to make yourself angry about things you can’t change, or filter out that crap from your life so you can focus on the things you can change.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t care about refugees, or equality, or politics, or animals. I’m saying focus your energies on the things around you that you can impact.

Can you change the plight of refugees trying to get to Europe? Probably not from where you sit right now. Tweeting about it, or sending an email to some government leader does nothing. So either get off your butt and go over there and actually do something, or expend your energy on something you can change.

Being outraged about something you are helpless to change is simply not good for you. If you can’t help but get outraged, then go step away from the news and from social media or filter that topic out.

You’ll be a happier person, and more able to effect change around you to really have an impact.