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Choose Wisely

Over the past few months I’ve spent a lot of time watching the news, reading coverage and trying to understand what is going on south of the border. This has been a truly bizarre Presidential election, unlike anything I’ve ever seen in my 45 years on earth.

I’m a news junkie at heart and I love to really understand the full story so I can make a proper informed decision. Since both candidates won their respective nominations, I’ve joined Reddit groups for both sides (kudos to /r/the_donald for having the most entertaining subreddit), tuned into debates (the third one was the best), received emails from both major campaigns (note to both: stop asking for money for a change) and watched far too much CNN and Fox News.

I’ve come to conclusions about both candidates over their months of campaigning and I’ve come to genuinely appreciate that I don’t have to go into a voting booth to make a choice tomorrow.

I really hope that those who do have a vote, and also those who merely have a right to an opinion, have done their research and taken a proper look at both candidates. It’s easy to watch a few newscasts and assume that what you are fed by the mainstream news is the whole story.

It’s not.

For example, if you only watched Fox News for months, then you would have seen excuses made for Trump’s rude and dismissive comments and you would have seen some reporting on Hillary Clinton’s health and why that matters in the race to be the next US President.

If you stuck with CNN, then you’d be left thinking that everyone who supported Trump was a redneck, hate-filled bigot and that the Russians were out to get Hillary through hacked emails and fake Wikileaks emails.

That’s a shallow analysis of the coverage, but you get the idea.

The choice here is a tough one. Seriously. I’d probably write in Bernie Sanders if I had to vote tomorrow. Why I wouldn’t vote for Trump is probably obvious enough, although I’m probably closer to being willing to hold my nose and mark an X beside Trump’s name on the ballot than I would be to do the same for Clinton.

The reason for this is WikiLeaks.

I’ve spent way too much time reading emails, and looking at coverage of what is in both the Podesta and DNC emails. It’s not pretty to see what’s going on behind the curtain during these campaigns. I’m sure that if the RNC had it’s emails released that you’d see some similar stuff happening in their organization.

It’s really difficult to find good coverage of WikiLeaks that sticks to just the facts. But it’s important to read the emails yourself so you can decide what it all means and whether you think what was going on is okay for those who wish to be in charge of running the United States of America for four years.

So far, the best list of links to the important WikiLeaks emails I’ve found is this one.

That site does one thing — it has direct links to the various WikiLeaks emails, organized in categories so you can take a look at the emails yourself without having to either dig through pages and pages of subject lines. It’s also the best way to take in the information without a biased analysis to colour your opinions.

If you haven’t read the emails, then you can’t make a proper decision. It’s that simple. Go read the emails and only then can you form your opinion on what is and isn’t acceptable for either candidate.