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Where is the Hope?

We all need to come to grips with the fact that there are tens of millions of people in one of the richest countries in the world that feel hopeless.

They live in cities that were once beautiful places to live and work and raise a family. Those cities, like Flint, Michigan, are now empty places with lead in the water, factories in ruins and where there is no hope for a future. There are “Flints” all across the USA.

They live in ghettos where unemployment is so high it’s easier to count those with jobs than without. Where gun violence kills more in a single night than are killed in Toronto in a year. Where the only escape is gangs and crime.

Look where the election turned for Trump and you’ll see exactly where the pain is the worst. In Michigan. In Pennsylvania. In Ohio. All through the south. Once proud blue collar towns…abandoned and crumbling. Coal towns…dying and dead. People with no jobs, and no hope for a job. No future.

To those people, a vote for Donald Trump represented a vote for hope. To the millions that voted for him, Donald J. Trump is Obama 2.0.

Except this time, they hope, it’s actually going to be different. Obama promised change, but didn’t deliver. His eight years in office brought them nothing except another trade deal they see as the final death blow to their towns and lives and health care that can’t afford but are now forced to pay for under penalty of law.

Clinton offered more of the same Obama rhetoric combined with more of the same Bill Clinton policy of globalism and free trade that ruined their lives. Can you see why they walked into that voting booth and filled in the line or checked the box next to Trump/Pence?

Think what you want about Donald Trump. I’m not going to try to convince you he’s anything different from what you believe him to be. I agree he’s no saint, and if even half of what was said about him is true then it’s clear he’s not the kind of leader anyone wants. His views on women, immigrants and minorities and his abusive tone is disturbing to say the least.

But no matter what you think of Trump as a person, consider that millions of people across the country have lost hope to the point that they were willing to stand up at the table and push their meagre chip pile “all in” on the one person in the election who came to their towns and came to their cities and towns and told them, “I hear you. You are hurting. I’m going to fix that…we’re going to fix that.”

Watch this Trump video and tell me I’m wrong. Look at the faces of the people at those rallies. Tens of thousands were out at each rally over the last few nights, but their story was ignored by the media who instead showed footage of Clinton rallies with millionaire celebrities and singers. I’ve watched it over and over and it makes me emotional every single time.

Look at those people. Are they racists? Do they hate gay people? Do they believe they can treat women as objects? Maybe some are. But you can’t paint the whole lot of them with that brush. If you did, that would be bigoted.

The people in that video, and the tens of thousands at Trump rallies and the millions who voted for him saw a vote for Donald J. Trump as their only hope. Think about that for a minute. The worst candidate probably in the history of the USA was and is their only hope.

Are they right? Is Trump offering real hope or just more of the same story that they’ve lived through for the last 24 years?

Trump may be more of the same, and the disillusioned and demoralized will have lost even more faith in the government that they desperately need to give them hope. Or he’ll actually come through and bring everyone together to deliver on his promises to put them back to work building up the country to what it used to be.

The American Dream died under Clinton, Bush and Obama. Donald Trump says he’ll bring it back to life. Tens of millions made a bet that this self-proclaimed, foul-mouthed, asshole outsider can bring it back.

Here’s hoping.

p.s. If you are from Toronto, think about Rob Ford for just a minute. Consider the hopeless in our city. The ones living in public housing that is falling apart, riding buses across Rexdale and Scarborough where decent rapid transit to take them to their minimum wage job is still years away.

Remember how Rob Ford was the one person who went to their buildings and told them not to lose hope? Right. And the very people who failed the most needy and vulnerable amongst us turned around and literally tore Ford down, brick by brick until he was dead. And we were all secretly happy.

Shame on us all.


  1. Geraldine
    Geraldine November 9, 2016

    Well said James Koole!

  2. Glenn Divers
    Glenn Divers November 9, 2016

    Excellent article!!

  3. Robert Sweet
    Robert Sweet November 13, 2016

    If you can, get and read ‘A Short History of Progress by Ronald Wright’, it will open your eyes!

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