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Maybe a Man-Eating Lion

Dennis Prager summed it up well in a recent interview with Dave Rubin on the Rubin Report podcast. The choice on November 8, 2016. was not between Trump and Clinton. Rather, it was between Trump and the Left. Prager likened the choice as having to choose between two doors. One had a sign over it that said, “Man-eating Lion”. The other (the Trump door), had a sign that said, “Maybe a Man-eating Lion”.

Like Prager, if I was American and had a right to vote, I would have voted for “Maybe a Man-eating Lion”. I would have voted for Trump.

Hope and Change

Why was I so against what the Left was offering America via Hillary Clinton? Because it was much more of the same, and really a further progression down the road towards a society that would be fundamentally broken.

Trump’s campaign themes were “hope and change”.
Trump offered real hope and real change to Americans, and throughout the country, people heard him and joined the movement. Obama also famously campaigned on hope and change, but then delivered neither. After eight years of Obama, Americans had far less hope for the future and nothing fundamentally changed. In fact, things got worse. Unemployment continues to be above 20% according to as people literally give up on trying to find a job and are simply not counted anymore in the official US Government employment numbers.

Obamacare increased health insurance costs for many and the mandate meant that those who couldn’t afford it were fined and had to pay to not have insurance. The much talked about economic recovery averaged 1.5% per year during the eight years of Obama’s presidency. That’s the weakest recovery performance of any president since World War II, and the fourth weakest in US history.

That doesn’t mean that I am a fan of Trump, or that I agree with everything he says. But that hasn’t stopped people from calling me a “Trump lover” or worse. In the months since the election, I’ve noticed a real interesting effect when I “come out” and make positive comments about Trump or negative comments about the Left. “Oh, you are one of them?” or “So you support Trump?” and then everything changes. People stop talking to me, or start throwing nasty comments my way. It’s quite amazing.

Even writing is a bit of a scary proposition for me. It’s okay though…I can take it. Unlike the Left, I’m open to the fact that people have different ideas and opinions from mine. I don’t shout people down or intimidate them. I don’t call people fascist, or a Nazi, or racist if they express a different point of view. In fact, others’ views don’t really affect how I think about them at all.

Classical liberalism

I am not a true conservative despite the fact that I now have a membership card for the Conservative Party of Canada in my wallet. I’m a classical liberal. I believe in free speech. I believe that you should be able to love whoever you want. I think all people deserve to get paid the same thing for contributing the same value to their employer. I think all people are the same, no matter where they come from, or what they look like. I think less regulation and less government interference is better than a lot of regulation and government telling me or anyone what to do or think.

Things I don’t believe in include shutting down free speech through violent protest. If you don’t like what someone is saying, either ignore them, or debate them. If you disagree with what an elected government is doing, make your voice heard. Protest and share your opinions and then vote.

Anti-free speech protestors at Berkeley promising war.
Sadly, the Left seems incapable of showing any sort of tolerance of late. Rather, they refuse to accept the outcome of a fair election in the United States of America. They shout down and shut down any events where the ideas being presented are different from theirs. They stir up hatred and try to incite race wars.

More to learn

I’ll continue to try to better understand the world we live in by listening to more voices that talk about the issues. That means exposing myself to debate and opinions on both sides. I’d never vote for her, but I’m happy to hear what someone like Kellie Leitch has to say, and I’m excited to see what Maxime Bernier brings to the table for the Conservative Party of Canada.

Looking south to the US, and east towards Europe, I’m very interested to see how things play out. I’m hopeful that the US will come out of the next four (or eight) years of President Trump in a far better place than the country is in today. I also fear for the future of Europe as they attempt to deal with the migrant crisis that very clearly has the potential to rip apart the EU and potentially destroy some great countries like France, Germany and the Netherlands.

There’s lots to learn which means I’ll be doing a lot of listening and reading of different opinions and views.