WordCamp Ottawa 2017

Blogging has taken a bit of a back seat of late. That doens’t mean I haven’t been writing though. Rather, I’ve been putting my thoughts to virtual paper in the Day One journaling app. It’s been a good exercise and I’m proud to say that I’ve journaled daily since mid-April now. I plan to keep it up for at least a year, and probably forever.


One of the reasons I’ve revived the blog here is that I’ll be at WordCamp Ottawa again in 2017 on behalf of Hover. I attended last year as well and enjoyed both the event and the location. I’m a fan of Ottawa the city, and it was a good opportunity to spend a weekend there without the Race Weekend getting in the way.

Last year I used OCTranspo to get around town and over to Carleton where WordCamp was held. The O-Train was my friend that weekend and I’m looking forward to taking a few rides on it again this year.

I also hope to get out for some runs while I’m there. The hotel is right downtown again and that provides a good home base for runs along either the Ottawa River, or along the Rideau. Maybe I’ll get out into some other areas of the city this year. Last year I got over to Gatineau on one run and along the river under Parliament on another.

I’ll have more WordCamp Ottawa news in an upcoming post and I think I’ll blog a bit about some of the sessions while I’m there.