Posting to WordPress from iOS

Here’s the question. Why is the WordPress app for iPad so lacking?

It’s not terrible, but considering the resources that Automattic has behind it, and the fact that they bought (and killed) the most excellent blogging app for iPad called Poster, it’s very disappointing that the official WordPress app is so lacking.

I’m playing around with some other writing apps to see if I can do better. So far I like 1Writer, but going from 1Writer to WordPress isn’t exactly easy. For the moment it involves using a Workflow app workflow along with a nifty action in 1Writer. I’ll detail that at some point in the future, but it’s a less involved version of what Federico Viticci is doing.

A great editor makes for better writing

Generally I value the writing experience over all else and I’m willing to do a bit of extra work at the end to actually get the post into WordPress if it means I can have a better, more intuitive and pleasant experience during the writing process.

We’ll see where this goes, but so far I’m still in the “hoping to find something better” mode.