Trying out Bear

I’m on the hunt for a good notes, blogging and writing app for iOS and Mac these days.

My needs are fairly simple, but also a bit specific:

  1. Looks good – writing in an ugly interface is no fun. Writing in a beautiful interface that makes you want to get in there and put words on paper makes the entire act of writing easier and better.

  2. Has syncing and works cross-platform – I want my notes, and posts to sync across multiple devices including the iPhone, iPad and my Mac.

  3. Exports to WordPress – this one is a nice-to-have, but I would really like an app that has native support for posting to WordPress. I would be willing to put up with some export plugin or workflow if need be.

  4. Supports Markdown – I like writing in Markdown, so any app should have support for this easy-to-use post formatting system.

So far I’ve tried 1Writer, and now I’m writing this in Bear. I prefer Bear at this point, but it’s lacking the WordPress export. That said, if it checks all the other boxes, I’ll take it over something else.

Next up to try is Ulysses, although it’s steep price and lack of a demo might keep that one from even getting a try-out. The big thing pulling me towards it is built-in publishing to WordPress.

More to come!