Back to the Mac(Book Pro)

I finally got my (work) MacBook Pro back from the repair shop after the keyboard started failing. I only had it for a month or two before the n and o keys began acting up. I would get either double typing, or no typing randomly.

This is apparently a fairly frequent occurrence on these late 2016 MacBook Pro’s with Touchbar. It has the new short-throw butterfly keys keyboard and some users (including me) have been seeing issues with higher than normal failure rates.

The repair was handled through work, since they are the ones who paid for and own it. If it were mine, I suspect a trip to the Apple Store would have ended with a swap for a new one rather than a three week wait to change the entire top case.

Suffice to say, while I wasn’t happy it failed so quickly, I am pleased to have it back now and the few weeks on an older MacBook made me appreciate the power and performance of the new one even more.

To MacBook or not to MacBook

Now that I have the MacBook Pro back, I’m faced with the decision on which device to use for things like blogging, web-surfing, etc. The loaner MacBook Pro that work provided me with while mine was getting repaired was a few years old.

Because of the weight of it, I had gotten into the habit of leaving my loaner MacBook Pro (older version) at the office. I also bought the iPad Pro 10.5” just after my new MacBook failed so that became my computer of choice in the evenings and on the weekends.

The new MacBook Pro is so thin and light that I don’t really feel it when it’s in my computer bag for the commute. So I brought it home last night, partly to make sure the migration of data back from the loaner was all good, and partly to make sure the keyboard was really fixed.

I’m writing this post on the MacBook, using Bear. I could have done it on the iPad as well. I guess time will tell which device I reach for when I want to use a computer. I’m guessing that for couch, mobile and bedroom usage, it’ll be the iPad. But maybe when it’s more for writing a post, or doing some Photoshop, that it’ll be the MacBook.

Curiously, while I was transferring the data from the loaner over to the MacBook yesterday afternoon at work, I used the iPad as my work machine and it performed well in that capacity. With the Cisco VPN app, Microsoft Office 365 apps and Slack, it replicated my MacBook Pro workflows and tools decently enough that I think a 12.9” iPad Pro would be fine as a laptop replacement for me.

I’ll follow up this post in about a month when I have more time with both devices in my possession. Oh, and I’m writing this part on my iPad Pro in Bear as I wait for the macOS 10.12.6 update to complete on my MacBook Pro.