Do Less Better

There’s a temptation to always want to do more. More features, more products, more whatever.

But sometimes the best thing to do is less. Get focused on the core of what you offer your customers or users and really dig down to figure out how to be the best at that small thing.

It’s all so simple

We have a fairly simple business if you look in from the outside. We help our users search for domain names, register one or more and add an email address or two if they want.

That’s it.

All of the underlying complexity of searching for, finding, registering, configuring, adding email, setting up DNS, etc. is nicely hidden from our users (for the most part).

But trust me…domain registration is far from simple. The fact that we make it look fairly easy is a testament to the smart people we have on our team.

We could add a bunch more services like hosting, a site builder, WordPress, SEO services, trademarks, Office 365, Google Apps, and so on. But in doing that, we’d lose our ability to do domains, email and DNS well. We’d be spread too thin and customer experience would suffer.

That’s not to say we’ll never do that stuff. Maybe we will. But when that day comes, it’ll require a bunch more people who look at their slice of the business the same way the current team looks at domains.