These thoughts are my own

We’ve been doing a little thinking at work about how personal and professional have blended and how things you post online as yourself could be mistaken as views that represent the views of your employer.

A lot of this stems from something going on in an industry that my employer is also involved in. I generally steer clear of talking about anything work-related on any social media sites, including my blog. That is sometimes tough as things like Internet censorship and policy are topics I’m very interested in and would like to comment on.

We don’t have a policy at work per se. But there is an understanding amongst those of us who work there that we all represent the company to a certain extent in everything we do.

Over the five years I’ve been there, I’ve bumped into the edge of this quasi-policy a couple of times. It’s never been anything major – in both cases it was related to being openly critical of a company or person that was connected to a customer. In both cases, it was good to be reminded that the Internet is vast and interconnected.

You might notice the new little disclaimer to the right in the sidebar of the blog. It’s not anything new – my views have always been my views. What is new is that this is the first time I’ve felt that I should have it there.

The specific text, which I adapted slightly, comes from an Apple policy that I think is well done. I won’t post it here, since it belongs to Apple, but it’s fully posted at in this post at 9to5Mac. It doesn’t give me a free pass to say what I want, but I think it is important to have it there to ensure that readers understand that what I put here isn’t always in agreement with what my employer might think.