Apple Beta Season is here

Written by James on
Apple Beta Season is here

It’s June, so that means I’m probably being an idiot and installing the latest iOS beta on my phone.

iOS 14 beta 1 was release on Monday after the WWDC Keynote, and as usual, I almost immediately installed it on my iPhone. I’ve been doing this for many years. I think I started back with iOS 4. Over the years, these early beta version have ranged from god awful to actually tolerable.

Some years half my apps wouldn’t work and things like incoming calls failed. Other years it was like it was nearly a final version and things worked more or less as expected. So how is iOS 14 beta 1? In a word, “stable”.

Sure, there are a few issues to contend with, but I have zero apps that are not working and the phone hasn’t crashed once yet. Some of the new features like home screen widgets are definitely a work in progress, but overall this is a very stable beta and probably one of the best first betas Apple has released in many years.

macOS 11 Big Sur

On the macOS side, I’m usually a lot more patient and I generally wait until beta four or five before I move over on my MacBook. I might try to install it on an external SSD and see how that goes, but given I am working from home 100% of the time and rely on things like Cisco VPN to do all my work, moving to an early beta of macOS is not all that appealing to me.