Citystrides and Some Reasons to Run

Written by James on
Citystrides and Some Reasons to Run

Running 10km a day or more means I need some new places to run to stave off the boredom and expand my horizons. I turned to a website called Citystrides to provide some inspiration on where to run.

Citystrides takes your Strava or Garmin activities and plots them on a map. That’s no different than any of the other tracking sites, but Citystrides takes it to the next level and does the number crunching required to calculate just how much of the city I’ve run. It’s the brainchild of James Chevalier who took his own curiousity about how much of his city he’s run and turned it into a website anyone can use.

I’ve been wearing a GPS watch for over ten years now and I’ve run something like 16,000km. Plotting all that on a map of Toronto reveals that I’ve run 5.81% of the streets of the city. That actually places me third amongst all Citystriders in Toronto, although there are certainly many runners that have done more than me who just haven’t discovered Citystrides yet.

Fill Ins

When looking for new places to run lately, I’ve been focusing on completing some areas of the city near my house. My goal is to totally fill in the area east of Coxwell, south of O’Connor and St. Clair, east of Kennedy and north of the lake.

I’ve done most of the Beach and Upper Beach already and a good bit of the Birchcliff neighbourhood east of my house. Recently I’ve been running more into East York and tackling the streets in east of Coxwell and north of Danforth.

With my daily distance now over 10km, I have more ability to get out to an area that’s maybe 3km away, then fill in a few kilometres of streets before running the 3km back home. It’s partly an exercise in route-making to optimize the new streets and minimizing re-running streets I’ve already covered.

New Reasons to Run

It’s been really enjoyable to get out to some areas of the city I don’t often run. There’s lots of nice streets and new sights to see. It sure beats running the same routes over and over again which can get monotonous and boring.

Check out Citystrides if you have GPS tracks of your runs. You might be surprise at how motivating it is to identify an area and then work to fill it in over the course of a few days or even a few weeks or more.

Check out my personal Citystrides map if you want to see my progress.