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I believe everyone should have the right to online privacy. Maybe you don’t yet care about government or other parties snooping into your online life, but because I do, I tend to use services that offer far greater privacy that services like GMail, Facebook Messenger and plain text email.

Already governments like the UK are forcing Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to store and make available the complete browsing history for their users. The National Security Agency (NSA) has been spying on all users of online services for years without cause.

Saying “I have nothing to hide” is head-in-the-sand thinking. You have a right to hide that “nothing” and nobody should be routinely looking at everything you do online. Protect yourself and speak out against this kind of abuse of your right to privacy.

Ways to reach me securely:

I use a variety of communication tools and services. Some are private and secure, others are not. I strongly prefer ones that are either private and secure by design, or which can be made private and secure via add-ons like encryption.

  • Email me at This email account uses ProtonMail and my own domain name, managed by Hover (where I work). As such, all mail sent to this address will be encrypted using my own PGP public encryption key upon receipt by the server. If you wish to send email to me that is also encrypted in transit (end-to-end or e2e encrypted), you’ll need my public PGP key and a way to encrypt that email.
  • You can find me on Keybase if you use that service. You’ll see links to other web profiles that are provably me as well as a PGP key for my work email and also for my Apple iCloud email account. I make use of Keybase Filesystem as well, so that’s an option if you wish to send files, photos, etc. securely to me.
  • I also use Signal Messenger. Feel free to contact me there as well. If you know my mobile phone number, I should show up there assuming I am in your contacts. Otherwise, email me and I will send you the contact info required.
  • I use Twitter and you may wish to direct message me there, although this is completely insecure. My twitter handle is @jameskoole. I’ll probably immediately suggest a better way to communicate if you start here as Twitter DM’s are not really private.