I have content in various other places on the web. My Micro.blog serves as the home for blog posts, shorter “quick posts” and some photos.


  • My blog posts and short comments on this site are are cross-posted to @jameskoole on Twitter.
  • I post the occasional photo here, but probably more often as @jameskoole on Instagram.


I’ve been running regularly since 2008 and I’ve run more than a dozen marathons and a couple of ultra marathons too. I’ve run at least a mile every day since December 31, 2020 which is what’s called a runstreak.


  • When I have a chance to do some trainwatching, I post the photos as @tracksidetoronto on Instagram.
  • I also have a Flickr account where I sometimes post photos of trains.
  • My YouTube channel where I post videos of trains is TracksideToronto.


  • I run an ADS-B receiver using a Raspberry Pi and an SDR dongle which feeds data to Flightradar24, RadarBox, ADS-B Exchange and FlightAware. Here are the aircraft I’m picking up right now.
James Koole @jameskoole