GVRAT By the Numbers

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GVRAT By the Numbers

It ended up taking me 77 days to cross Tennessee (virtually). That’s probably 30 days faster than I would have guessed back in May.

I collected a fair bit of data along the way and I thought I would do one of my usual “by the numbers” posts that I used to do in the days before I ran a marathon. Those would summarize the training but this one will summarize the race.

Pairs of shoes used: 2

Both were New Balance 860 V9. The first pair took me 657km. The second pair took me 431km. I already have a third pair waiting in the wings to take over once this pair hits the 600km mark in a few weeks.

Consecutive days run: 77

When I started this thing back on May 1, I decided that the best way to tackle it would be to run every single day. I’d run 64 days in a row before, but never with long runs and high mileage. If you skip a day, you lose 8km to the buzzard and you have to make it up some other day. Run every day was the best plan in my opinion and so that’s what I did.

Average distance per day: 13.27km

To complete the race by the end of August meant running 8km a day so to have added more than 5km on top of that per day was pretty cool for me. I started off a bit slower than that, but built up to running more. In May I averaged 10km a day. In June that increased to 15.15km a day. In July I pushed a bit more and averaged 15.86km daily.

Shortest run: 5.35km

My shortest run was on May 4. In that first week I was still feeling out daily running and nursing the last bit of an ankle injury that I was trying to get rid of for all of March and April. I

Longest run: 27.44km

This was probably the dumbest decision that I made throughout the race. Running super long on a Sunday just wore me out too much for the week ahead. It was far better to run just around 21-23km on Sunday and then make up the rest throughout the week with an extra kilometre here and there. Consistency worked better for me than shorter runs with long efforts on Sunday.

Half marathons run: 10

I started a bit slowly in May with just two runs longer than 21.1km, but then things ramped up and the Sunday runs were all over 21.1km plus I ran a pair of half marathons on other days. I ran 21.1km or more on consecutive days once.

Some fancy charts

These two charts show my runs over the 123 days of the GVRAT. I always assumed I would have to run through until pretty close to the end to get it done, so to end these after 77 days is quite an accomplishment for me.

The first one shows my runs each day. You can see I still ran longer on Sunday each week, and that I built up to a point and then held it there (about 100km a week). The second one shows the 7-day moving average distance. Again, you can see the build up to a plateau and then also the push to the finish where I ran 120km over the last seven days to finish it up.