GVRAT Month Two Begins

Written by James on
GVRAT Month Two Begins

It’s June 1 today and that ushers in the start of the second month of running in the Great Virtual Run Across Tennessee.

To recap the month of May, I ran just shy of 314km over the course of the 31 days. I ran every single day, averaging just over 10km a day. Some days I ran more than that, and some days a bit less, but with weekend long runs factored in, 10.12km/day was my average.

That was about 90km more than I had planned to run in May. I figured I would start a bit slow and maybe get 225km done leaving me with some higher mileage months later in the summer as my fitness and strength built in.

The new plan is to continue to push as I did in May. I may take a day off here and there, but ideally I want to run every day until the challenge is completed. If I can lengthen out some of the Sunday long runs to 25km or more and stick to shorter runs of greater than 8km, then I can continue to build that buffer up on the required pace to get this thing done.

As things sit today, I would finish in early August at this pace. Part of me wants to wrap it up before then and maybe the August long weekend is the right goal to aim for. That would mean topping 1,021km by August 3, 2020 which seems pretty doable right now.