Some 2020 Running Plans

Written by James on
Some 2020 Running Plans

After a bunch of starts and stops over the last four months, it’s become clear to me that having a race on my calendar is the best way to get back into a regular running routine.

I put my usual marathon training plan into my calendar yesterday and realized it lines up perfectly with the Ottawa Race Weekend. Before you get any ideas…no, I’m not going to run the Ottawa Marathon this year. I do plan to run the Ottawa Half Marathon though.

Step one of the plan was to get out to the Running Room for a Sunday run. They had 12km on the schedule which sounded like a decent test for me given the amount of running I’ve been doing of late. I haven’t run that far since (checks Strava)…September 8, 2019.

The company was good and the route was pretty conducive to going longer with not a lot of base as it had some hill in the middle, but a flat start and downhill finish. We actually extended a bit to get James S. to 32km, and I ended up running just shy of 14km.

Total time was 1:20:44 with a moving time of 1:13:17 and a fast average pace of 5:14/km. Wow. I still have a good pace there and some strength in my legs! The places I felt less than strong were on the hills mostly. Cardio was decent and I could hold a nice pace for a long time on the flat, but the hills were rough, mostly on my legs.

Once back at home, I mentioned the Ottawa plan to Ginny and checked on hotels and trains. The Alt Hotel is booked for the weekend and we got a sweet deal on our VIA trip to Ottawa of $98 return with good departure times.

I’ll wait a bit to sign up for the race, but my hope is that I can get close to my half marathon personal best of 1:38:25 that I set a bunch of years ago. I ran a 1:42 in Vancouver in 2019, and I think with some hard training, I can take a run at sub-1:40 or better.