Making the Switch to Github Pages

Written by James on
Making the Switch to Github Pages

I ditched both WordPress and traditional hosting to move the site over to Github Pages and Jekyll. I mostly wanted to learn more about how Github works, and also to dive into the world of Jekyll templates and blogging.

The transistion was pretty simple, although I didn’t back port any content over (yet). Github Pages supports static sites using Jekyll as the templating engine and finding and adding a good looking theme was pretty easy. I’ve had to pick up some additional knowledge of how Git works, but that’s been easy and cutting over to writing posts in Markdown in VSCode has also been quick.

My plan is to write more about running and also maybe work. The two sometimes intersect with running offering some insights into how product management works. The GVRAT race I’ve been running since May 1, 2020 will provide me with more reasons to blog. I also plan to roll into marathon training for a race next spring.

I guess we’ll see where this takes me.